About Me

Thanks for checking out my site! I know there are many coordinators and designers out there, so THANK YOU for for taking the time to check me out! 

I specialize in day-of coordination, mostly weddings, and working with brides and grooms who are looking for someone to carry out their dreams so they don't have to worry about anything on their big day!

These couples have a pretty solid idea of what they want their wedding to look like, and can use someone to come alongside and help turn their ideas into a reality. They need someone to serve as the "go to" person on the day of their wedding.
When I graduated high school I was pretty sure I wanted to be a teacher. However, I started to discern that wasn't a path for me. After completing all my coursework at the local community college, I began to work toward my dream of attending FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I quickly dove in head first and absolutely fell in love with the way the school was run, and for the “hands on learner” experience (including the many burns from glue guns). I took courses in digital design, prop design and event planning. Throughout my two year program at FIDM I worked as a wedding coordinator for a local venue, and that is when I knew it was something I had a passion for.

FIDM was done, my cap and gown were worn, and my degree was completed. I went in head first gaining experience and learning from the industry. Working nearly every weekend for two years at a local country club coordinating baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and lots of weddings.
Life changed and I was starting to plan my own wedding! Planning and organizing are both things I truly enjoy. I also switched gears and started to enjoy my new title as “wife,” and a short two and a half years later “momma.” 

Being home with my sweet little busy boy is absolutely priceless to me. Watching him dig in the dirt, play fetch with the dogs, holding him when he skins his knee and being able to teach him right from wrong are all things I would not have been able to trade in for a 9-5 job. Event planning and design are things I love doing and give me the time during the day to watch my little man grow.


A few fun things about me!
​I love Jesus
My adorable son and my wonderful husband are my life and my biggest support
I have two border collies that are a blast
I love country music
I love to travel 
Irish Dance was the center of my childhood, competitively, but mostly for fun and friendships
Disneyland still is and will be my “happiest place on earth” 

Thank you so much for taking the time out and trusting me with your event!